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Drive with School Bus Inc.

We’re Driving the Future

Every day in Sioux Falls, thousands of kids need a ride to school. We're looking for people to get them there. Don't have a CDL-PSE or experience? We'll pay you to train.

This is your chance to earn a great paycheck in your spare time—and make a huge impact on a child's life in just a couple hours a day. It takes a minimum of 20 days for licensing and training, so don't waste any time. Apply today!

Girl and boy getting off of a school bus

Why drive?

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$18.45 an hour
(includes 4% annual bonus)

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$250 sign-on bonus
($500 with cdl-PS)

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Paid Training

School bus driver high fives with kid.

Get the Wheels in Motion

How to start making a difference in the community and earn a nice chunk of change in your spare time.

Step 1: Download & complete application
Step 2: Drop off application for an in-person interview
Step 3: Background check
Step 4: Paid training
Step 5: Start driving

Connect With Us

Interested in driving the future? Get in touch.

School Bus Inc. & SBI Charters
5100 W. 8th St.
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